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FunDay MonDay

My boyfriend and I have decided that a great Christmas present to each other this year will be a king size bed (we currently have a queen). We allow our dog to sleep on the bed with us. Jack (our dog) loves to take up the entire bed these days and hog all of our blankets. It is too late now and he has gotten too old to kick him off the bed. So….the solution….and bigger bed. I have been slowly re-designing our home to a brighter and more fun home interior. So, I have been racking my brain as to what I want to make our bedroom look like. I want it fluffy and cozy, sleek and sexy, and a bed that makes me want to jump into every evening and snooze til daylight.

On my search for the perfect bedding…I have found it! Organic, sleek, sexy, fluffy, cozy, awh. The color that I am going with is ‘Slate’.

Organic Cotton Pintuck Duvet and Sham


Organic Cotton Plisse Blanket

Organic Cotton Frayed-Edge Sheet Set

All these can be found at West Elm.



Not such a mundane Monday.

Elements found in nature. An eco-friendly space does not have to be 100% hemp. This is a prefect example of what you can do. Many of these items can be found at your local West Elm, or online. An additional note: To make an eco room, one does not need to use the color green.

Less is more for this space, and still inspires me to lay back, read a book, and take a nap. An urban space without the hard sparse metals throughout.

What I love about this room- I find the coffee table to be very convenient. I am one to sit on the floor a lot, on the same level as my dog. This makes it easy to sit on the floor or the sofa with this two level table. The second level can be moved around to accommodate the items you need to use/display. The use of two different woods makes this an eye catching piece. I also love the simplicity of the art. The art shelves are great ideas for art collectors of someone who loves to change things often. Height variations is important with something like this, and even some layering of pieces.