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Something New!

I am having my website updated and within this newly updated site will be an integrated blog. I will be transferring many of my favorites blog posts to the site but will no longer be continuing to blog from this particular site. The new IntoDesign site is almost finished and I will definitely make an effort to inform all my readers about the move and the url in which you will be able to read the posts. I will leave this site up for awhile for everyone to catch up, but within two months, this will no longer be available for you, my website will.

New things are to come and I am very excited about them, as I hope all of you are. Just wait til you see it!

Check out Transformed Designs for your graphics, web design and marketing! They are one of the best companies that I have ever worked with! Thanks Elias for all your and Danielle’s hard work!


Friday’s Found Fun

I have taken yet another avenue in my career and have started an event coordination, IntoEvents. Currently, I am coordinating a wedding for next summer (and hope to do more). I am having so much fun with this adventure.

On wednesday, I was with a fellow designer and was running a few errands around town. She had taken me to the Wholesale Flowers and Supplies in San Diego. I admit, I have not been to the store yet and glad that I did. This is a wedding and event coordinators dream. I was so impressed with the items and the prices.

Check it out for yourself. Click here for there website.

Etsy and other notes

If you are a creative person who likes to create there own stuff and have no where to put it….post it on Etsy. It is only $0.20 per post and you can add up to five pictures for free. The sign up fee is free as well. Get paid through pay pal, view other people creativity and purchase some items too. It is very similar to ebay, but these are for hand made items, vintage items, etc. Great place. Check it out. I just posted an item today.

The site also has some wonderful earth friendly items.

Speaking of earth friendly… I am starting a garden in my backyard. I plan to grow my own veggies and fruits, and I really do plan on eating them. I have also started a compost pile. I guess that I really am going green. We have been recycling so much these days that your recycle bin is so full that we had to buy another bin to put the rest of it. Minimizing your carbon footprint is very important to the health of your planet. Next year I plan to get a hybrid car, hopefully, pending financials of course. I am so excited to not only be greener but to also eat healthy and help my residence (earth). Since the new year (my resolution was to be healthier and greener), we have purchased many cardio and workout equipment. So far we have been so good about cleansing ourselves. Yeah, ever so often we still crave that so delicious burrito, but we live in San Diego and there is not better place to get a bean and cheese or veggie burrito (well, maybe Mexico). Lots of beans and other fruit and veggies, and tofu for me and other forms of protein for my boyfriend. I feel so much better and a heck of a lot more energized and I can breath.

Nothing like it.