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LEED Green Associate

I have two days left until my test for becoming a LEED Green Associate. I have been studying veryday for the past two weeks, but now….time to get really crackin’.

I will not be blogging for the rest of the week, due to the fact that I need to spend every spare minute studying. So, until next week….


Not Such a Mundane Monday

So, just one more month until I take the LEED Green Associates test! December 11 @ 1:30pm. Time to read, study and practice my testing times. Flashcards. Books. Case Studies. Resources. USGBC Site.

I remember every year when I was growing up that I looked forward to another year to start at school. I waited for that day when my mom and I could go to Staples and good through the list of required and recommended school supplies. Oh how I loved the smell of fresh paper and the plastic binders. Those peach-e folders in every color, the pens, and the dividers.I loved coming home and filling my new backpack with the unopened supplies for the new year.  I always told myself that the first page of my notes had to be the best handwriting I would ever write, and as usual, it would be. Then as the pages turned so did my handwriting.

I still go through the same heightened joy when I walk through those doors at Staples. The technology may have changed a little bit and the binders might have gotten more expensive over the years, but one thing that has not changed is the atrocious handwriting that would begin to form page after page after page. Love it. 

Study Study Study….