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Thursday’s Thoughts

Socializing or what a lot of professional refer to as, Networking. IntoDesign has expanded itself into the networking realm of the internet. I never really liked Facebook or Twitter and LinkedIn but not too long ago I discovered Pinterest.

I admit that I have failed on keeping up with Pinterest or any other networking site besides the ever popular Facebook and Twitter. But, now that IntoDesign has invested in a Sony Bloggie and a nicer camera…I think that we shall spend a little more time in these areas of social networking and professional sites.

SO look out for more IntoDesign on the web!


Not Such a Mundane Monday

Inspiration for this Monday!

Here’s to the ordinary

There is more to the Muse than finding inspiration and the right words to express it. It is beyond splashing colour across an artist’s canvas or aiming the camera at exactly the right angle.

Innate objects, inventions, tools and activities were inspired by some creative pursuit. Many ideas are overlooked or taken for granted by our taste for recognition and glory.

The Muse’s influence is everywhere and we are never separate from it. We just think we are.

For this poem, I collected all the words I could that rhyme with Muse. Then, I fiddled and juggled and let them find their rhythm to tell the story. When I started, they were just ordinary words. Together, they tell a story.

The story is one of two friends getting together to relax and share their Monday evening and the start of a new week.

It is reminiscent of those times I’ve spent with friends, when even the silence speaks. When the ordinary is much more than ordinary.

This poem is about being supported by the creative possibilities around you. It is about appreciating the ordinary.

Mundane Monday Muse

This special space friends can’t refuse,
munching moments and cashews,
sharing time, breaking through,
a good boyfriend, a bad hairdo.

Gentle chatter, words diffuse,
now staring at the other’s shoe,
profile steady, thoughts enthused,
by a sentimental interlude.

Drawing waves like a swift canoe,
past writer’s words and painter’s hues,
and finely crafted tall statues,
and faded butterfly tattoos.

To a coffee table with crossword clues,
a trusted silver wing corkscrew,
a glass of wine, a pot of stew,
flavored by some rhythm and blue.

Mundane seeks not to bemuse,
but to imagine poets and lofty views,
where the innate artist’s breath ensues,
to unveil the mundane Monday Muse.

Found: Shades of Crimson

Friday’s Found Fun

I met with another local Interior Designer yesterday afternoon and she had introduced me to this great social networking program, TweetDeck. This program can be downloaded for free off the internet and can be used for Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and more. I caution that it is for Mac users only. This program is perfect or your Mac desktop, laptop, iPhone or iPad. I downloaded it yesterday when I got back to my office and was able to use it right away; very user friendly. It is so easy to use and I love it. You never have to onto Facebook or any other social networking site in order to post, unless you really want to. I cannot get over how great this is. Check it out for yourself!