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Thursday’s Thoughts


It has always bothered me that people always make resolutions to do something for themselves…loose weight, work out, stop drinking, stop eating ice cream, etc.

Why can’t people make a resolution for themselves to help others more, volunteer, etc. Why does it always have to be ‘all about me’.

My thought is… make two resolutions… one: loose weight and work out more, two: volunteer more. Or even better, to combine the two… take part in 5k’s or 15k races that benefit cancer causes or environmental causes.

This Sunday I am taking part in a 5k to help raise money for our environmental causes. The race is called the Revolution Run. This takes place in Mission Bay and Fiesta Island. No only am I burning the calories that I need to use up, I am also helping the environment. What a great way to give back and also take for yourself.

I know all of you have already made your resolution this year, but I challenge you to make one more… one that benefits someone else.



FunDay MonDay

Well, really my FunDay was yesterday, but I am telling you about it today (which makes it FunDay MonDay). So, yesterday I went to Green Home Tour in San Diego. There were a total of three homes in which are either in the process of achieving their LEED certification or have already gone above and beyond the required LEED points. The locations were Point Loma, La Jolla, and Encinitas.

The Point Loma residence is in the process of acquiring their LEED Platinum certification (The highest certification that you can get!). This home was the least appealing on the exterior and the interior. The home is domed shaped and had the biggest echo I have ever heard in a home. The space was about 2,235 sq.ft. with 3 (possibly 4) bedrooms, and 2 full baths. The one thing that really got me (besides the echos), was that the second floor bedrooms did not have ceilings, so you could hear everything that was happening in the entire home (and vise versa). Not ideal. But the rest of the homes integrated sustainable designs was very fascinating and really cool.

Point Loma

The La Jolla home was designed by a designer that I actually know. It was amazing seeing such a talented designer at the same age as me designing such a wonderful and beautiful home. Of course, the house was located in La Jolla and had the beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean and a great roof top deck. The first floor featured the bedrooms and the second housed the living room, kitchen and deck, the third or rooftop deck housed the bbq area, patio, unobstructed views of the ocean and a dinning set.  This home is perfectly designed for my current lifestyle (meaning… having an almost husband and no kids), featuring 2 bedrooms and 2-1/2 baths all in 1,800 sq. ft. The house may seem small but the bedrooms were very large and gorgeous. What an ideal home to live in.

La Jolla

The third and last home the I visited was my favorite. This is a great home to have a few kids in and enjoy life. The exterior of the home was so basic and contemporary with a wonderful use of wood. Encinitas is another coastal community in San Diego County and this house had another fantastic view of the Pacific. The kitchen was a dream come true. The master suite was located on the top floor as well as the living space (to utilize the view as much as you can). I would really never have to leave the top floor. The first floor featured the three other bedrooms as well as the living room and an office space. PERFECT! This house is for sale and man, if I had the money I would totally buy this place. The main floor (again the second floor) had the large balcony with the ocean view. Ugh man…such a great house. The four bedrooms and 3-1/2 baths are spaciously placed in this 3,229 sq. ft. home.