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Not Such a Mundane Monday

This weekend was a Spring cleaning…but in the Winter. I had cleaned out my closet and my boyfriends closet as well. We organized our books and dvd’s. Organized our office and even went into the garage. The only thing that I was not able to get to was vacuuming.

As I was organizing and cleaning out some old clothes, I was thinking about some great organizational tactics and solutions for all the clutter. Here is a list!

-Versatile Ottomans- ottoman/file box.

-Coffee Tables that can open for blanket storage.

-Multi-Layered console table. Stack you favorite books and even hide the unsightly objects into cute woven baskets.

-Don’t just use your sideboard to store dishes and stem ware.. store a few picture boxes and family home movies.

-Use curtains to hide clutter. Create a curtain skirt along the bottom of your pedestal sink or even around a desk or side table.

-Keep a charging station in a drawer of your console table as you walk in the front door or which ever door you use the most.

-Nesting tables, they are great to store small items on each layer.

-Side table pockets can be used to store those remotes that always go missing in the sofa cushions.