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Color of the Week

“You don’t know Jacques!”

Ok, this is not an actual color that you would find in your crayon box or even in the pantone color groups….but you will find it amongst the O.P.I nail lacquer colors. That is right…I am blogging about a nail color. I have been abscessed with the color in the past few weeks. I have noticed that colors similar to this have been very popular. These consists of blue grey and pink grey tones. Very “dark-fall” color.

Check out these colors for  yourself. Look great on any skin tone too!


Color of the Week


It is a very bright color reminiscent of a spark, named after the colour of an argon sign. It is very similar to cyan.

Friday’s Found Fun

What time is it?

I am the type that always NEEDS to know what time it is. In my office, I have a clock on every wall. See, what did I tell you. Here are some weird, fun and even disturbing clocks.

Friday’s Found Fun

I am loving this wall treatment. You can really style any home with this mid-century modern influence.

Check THIS site out to shop.
Here is another inspirational picture. This shows that any decor can take on this idea…not just mid-century modern.

Not a Mundane Monday

When I saw this picture on Apartment Therapy, I got so excited…and I will tell you why. I have ‘inherited’ a kitchen table EXACTLY like this one. I have to be honest and say that I hated it at first, but I couldn’t argue because it was free and at the time we had just moved into a larger house and didn’t have a kitchen table yet. The color was so bright and the chairs matched. I think that the real reason I hated it was because it looked like it did not belong amongst my black and grey contemporary decor. My solution, buy a black table cloth and cover it, plus make slip covers for the chairs. I did this. It looked great and matched! But, now that I see this picture, I am inspired to strip the cloth and show its true personality.


Airports. As I am traveling out of town tonight, I am sitting at my gate waiting for my flight to start boarding. As I am sitting here typing this blog… I sit in the grouping of chairs that have been designed by a famous furniture designers. They were great designers of the moderism era. Eames. Charles and Ray Eames. Not only have they designed these chairs (that looks cool but after having been delayed for an hour…tends to get uncomfortble) but many other fantastic pieces of furniture. Take a look at Design Within Reach and you will find many of Eames’ designs and a little bit of their history.
Modernism came about in the 50s and has stuck around since then. Some people who see this type of design and furniture tend to place it in the category of contemporary. However, on the contrary, this is not contemporary furniture or style at all. This style is called Modernism, or Mid-Century Modernism. What we call “contemporary” design is that of what is popular and designed in this time period. It is not until later that we call is something entirely different. Contemporary designs are always changing.

Click on the link below to view some of the furniture pieces and small excerpt about Charles and Ray Eames.

Charles & Ray Eames

IntoDesign, Inc.