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Thursday’s Thoughts

I thought that I might follow-up with you on last weeks Thursday’s Thoughts. I had discussed with you about notes, lists, and journals. Then I posted a poll asking my readers which type of journal I should start: Type it or, Write it. The majority of my voters told me to write it since it would be more personal.

I started my journal on Monday, November 1, 2010. I have written one page everyday since then and my hand hurts (might also be because I have been boxing/kickboxing everyday too and punching a heavy bag is not the easiest thing in your knuckles). Even though my hands are killing me and I had to take glucosamine this morning, it is well worth it. I am glad that I have taken this opportunity to write my life down for my future children and grandchildren.

So, after my long and hot day (it has been 90 degrees in San Diego these past few days) I will enjoy a nice glass of wine and jot away.




Thursday Thoughts

The past few months I have been keeping a very small journal for personal use. Now, when I say small…I mean SMALL. This journal is called One Line A Day. I purchased it online and have been using it everyday to sum up the previous day in a nut shell.

Since I have been recording my days, I am reminded about my fathers journal. He has written a journal entry, one 8-1/2″ x 11″ page, everyday since 1978. My brothers nor I have been allowed to read this journal, my mother has not even been allowed to read his life’s memoir either. He has told us that we will each get our chance after he passes. Each of his family members have been ‘characters’ is his life story and I cannot wait to read it (well, I really can wait because that would mean that my father would no longer physically exist :(. I am inspired by this in a way that forces me to think about writing my own journal that requires more that one small line or any sort of nut shell. My father had started this journal in 1978, that is one year before my oldest brother was born. Perfect timing. Considering how my life is going right now and my near future plans…I think that now is the perfect time to start (or January 1, 2o11). Not sure yet if I want to type it…or hand write it. Hand writing a journal might be a more personal way to share my life. What do you think?