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Not Such a Mundane Monday

This morning, I guess I had an urge to dust my living room and noticed a HUGE pile of magazines that I had been stacking up. I am going through them and ripping anything out that I like, want to buy, want to make/bake/cook, or just love the inspiration. However, now that I am ripping these out, I have been stacking the ripped pages into yet another pile. Someday, i will get a binder and put all of these into categories and make my life easier to look through these piles.


Not such a Mundane Monday

I have recently purchased a journal entitled ‘Listography: Your Life in Lists’. I was not sure if I was going to enjoy something like this, but i bought it anyway.

Listography are journals that is full of titles in which you list things in your life. For example, on page 15 you must list your biggest fears, and page 113 list you most memorable birthdays or holidays. I have found it to be fun. There are many different various questions. Listography also has various editions of this book as well, such as love and friendships.

The Domino Effect

I remember that not too long ago there was a great magazine called Domino. I have been going to the book store a lot lately (its been raining on the weekends and there is really nothing to do, so I read, and since we have had such gorgeous weather this week- just sitting outside and reading). I usually browse the Architecture/Design section and found the Domino- Book of Decorating. I have been slowly going through this book and taking notes for designs concepts that I can use for my clients. There are some really wonderful ideas within. It breaks it down for you room by room. Shows some really inspiring pictures. What I would really like is for this book to have an Appendix showing where the products and furniture came from and the price. There are a few rooms that I would like to use as inspiration for my house, just wish I had the time (and a larger house) to do all the things that I wish I could do.

This books chapters include: Getting started, The Entryway, The living room, Dining Room, Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office, kid’s room, and also includes the decorators handbook (guide to window treatments and upholstery ) and the ‘big black book’ which is a guide to the best decor resources. I have to say that Yes, I have used the ‘Big Black Book’ for some ideas on resources. After all, this book is a resource.

It starts out by helping you find your personal style, which can be hard by reading one chapter and looking at a few pictures. I still do not know what my personal style is and I do this for a living. I guess that is the thing about Interior Designers, we are always up to date on the latest things and that just makes it so hard for me to find it. Don’t get me wrong, I know what I like and don’t like. My home is designed by myself, but I like so many different things and not enough money to keep changing my interiors. All I can do is keep on.

So, for all you readers, you can use anything for inspiration. This and many other books can help you along the way to a beautiful interior.