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Thursday’s Thoughts


It has always bothered me that people always make resolutions to do something for themselves…loose weight, work out, stop drinking, stop eating ice cream, etc.

Why can’t people make a resolution for themselves to help others more, volunteer, etc. Why does it always have to be ‘all about me’.

My thought is… make two resolutions… one: loose weight and work out more, two: volunteer more. Or even better, to combine the two… take part in 5k’s or 15k races that benefit cancer causes or environmental causes.

This Sunday I am taking part in a 5k to help raise money for our environmental causes. The race is called the Revolution Run. This takes place in Mission Bay and Fiesta Island. No only am I burning the calories that I need to use up, I am also helping the environment. What a great way to give back and also take for yourself.

I know all of you have already made your resolution this year, but I challenge you to make one more… one that benefits someone else.



Fab Fitness

Ok, so I took a huge gamble, but before I tell you the gamble…let me give you a little background information:

I am kind of a fitness junkie (never was before until about 2 years ago). I exercise 6 days a week for about one hour a day (sometimes a little more- if I have the energy ;). I have been getting very bored with my cardiovascular routine and was not as motivated to get my hour in everyday. So… what do you do? MIX IT UP!

My boyfriend had mentioned boxing and wanted to join a club too. I did not investigation and:


Take a look!

Here is a link.


I have been so obsessed with boxing and kickboxing. The club has additional group classes  such as Spin, Pilates, mat Pilates, yoga,  and personal training, etc. I have gone every morning for a boxing/kickboxing class at 6am since I joined. I add a spin class twice a week to keep my stamina as high as it can be. Great way to have fun and get fit. I have never sweated so much in my life! I feel so good for the rest of the day and sleep so good. Call up a local club in your area and take a trial run, they are usually free to try the club out for a day or even a week- just ask!