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Found Fun

While on my usual online ‘window’ shopping I found this cute and what appears to be a very comfortable and yet very fashionable wear on Nordstrom‘s online store.

I just wonder if a 5’3″ female, with longer legs than torso (such as myself) would be able to pull these pants off. The shoes…cute. The tank… I’ve got, and the sweater… HELLOO! Comfort!

I am all in!


Color of the Week

“You don’t know Jacques!”

Ok, this is not an actual color that you would find in your crayon box or even in the pantone color groups….but you will find it amongst the O.P.I nail lacquer colors. That is right…I am blogging about a nail color. I have been abscessed with the color in the past few weeks. I have noticed that colors similar to this have been very popular. These consists of blue grey and pink grey tones. Very “dark-fall” color.

Check out these colors for  yourself. Look great on any skin tone too!