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Color of the Week

Mocha Brown.

Once again going back to the wedding coordination that I am currently surrounded by, mocha brown has been the inspiration. The bride has chosen her color theme for the wedding to be mocha brown and turquoise. These colors look fabulous together. Anytime that I look up information for this color, all I get are facts about the high calorie coffee beverage. So….here are some pictures to inspire you this week.


Not Such a Mundane Monday

Hawaiian style can be very over done. I have a client located in Northern California who has recently purchased a home. This client is originally from San Diego and loves the San Diego laid back lifestyle. They both loved the beach and the style it lends itself to.

here is an example of a home that lends itself to the style of ‘hawaiian’ but is overdone nor is it suggesting something else. The colors are great and fun and I love the area rug. Great inspiration.

What’s For Dinner

Every day I ask my boyfriend what he would like for dinner. The answer’s: ‘I don’t know’, ‘Food’, ‘Oh, you know…what ever’,’Steak’, it goes on and on. Being someone who likes to cook (and only wishes that my kitchen could be a little bigger for the meals that I only dream of preparing), these answers are not what I am looking for. What happens is that I listen to what he says and make ‘I don’t know’ with a side of ‘Food’. I have to end up guessing what he feels like and compromise with what I can eat (note: I am a vegetarian- formerly a vegan). So, living with a total carnivore is tough. I have to end up making two meals. If I have had a hard day, I will just make a salad for myself with tofu (much needed protein) and chicken for my boyfriend. Just thinking about what to make tonight is exhausting. Seafood. Hmm.

The place I use for my everyday cooking ideas and recipes...cooks.com (I have even submitted some of my own recipes). Magazines are always helpful (Everyday Food, Better Homes and Gardens, Gourmet, and Cooking light– some of my favorites). If it will call for some sort of meat…I will cook the meat separate and my version of protein separate as well, from the rest of the meal and add the appropriate protein into our dishes after all is ready and cooked. Just use a little imagination, and your multi-vitamins.

I have become obsessed with the ‘Cook this, Not that’ series of books. I cannot put them down. I will take what I have learned from these books and bring it with me to the grocery store. Even if I am only buying a few items, it will still take me an hour in the store because I am reading every label and every ingredient. But, we both feel better and look better because of my obsession. Pick up these books at your local book store.

And, Check your internet for great resources for home cooking.

The DIY Channel

DIY….Do it Yourself.

I have become very familiar to this particular use of words. Do it Yourself. This idea of “doing it yourself” has become universal amongst homeowners and renters.

I am not an owner of a house (yet), but I do rent a house in San Diego. Even as a renter, there are a lot of things that need to be done in order to make your living space have an appeal to it that makes it YOURS. The house that I am residing in has this very small kitchen. It works well for one person, but a lot of the time, I am not the only one in it. My boyfriend and I like to cook together on the weekends, and sometimes during the week. Additionally, we have a dog and he is always in the kitchen just waiting for the moment that a little morsel of food comes flying out of the frig or off the countertop. So, in this galley way of a kitchen are two people squeezing by each other and a dog so excited about food that he is turning in circles trying to get your attention… In other words, CROWDED.

What is my point you ask. Well, being an Interior Designer and my boyfriend (for the sake of this blog, let’s name him Bob) who is a Journeyman in a construction company, we just think of what we could do to this place if we owned it. Nocking down walls, moving plumbing, stainless steal appliances, a built-in coffee machine, concrete countertops, and island with a butcher block top and an entertainment sink, my mind just keeps going and going and going. The possibilities are endless, and this is just one room, we have two bedrooms and on office space, living room, bathroom, even the garage. Do not get me started on the backyard. We are in the middle of drawing up some plans for our backyard. Just the usual of a built-in BBQ, refrigerator, TV, bar area and our outdoor living room. We are also starting a garden with fresh herbs and vegetables. So many things to do, so little time.

We have gotten all of your inspirations from the DIY channel on digital cable. The shows are fantastic. There is a show entitles Do it Yourself Disasters, where a couple are taking a weekend to redo an entire room (usually and kitchen or bathroom). First of all, these people are not in the construction business and are most likely the dumbest people that I have ever seen on TV. The things that they attempt to do! If they used their brains and read a book, they would be able to do it, plus they try to get it done in about 3-4 days. What is wrong with them. A lack a sleep and food can make anyone think the way that they are thinking.

Many other shows are very good and have a high entertainment value to them. We have so many ideas for our house, and even are other family members houses.

Just watch the channel and find out what I am talking about, it is amazing at what you can do with a very small budget and a little imagination.

Do it Yourself!

check out www.intodesigninc.com for some home accessories and small furniture to help transform your space.