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It’s LIVE!

Good Day! The newly remodeled IntoDesign‘s website has been re-designed. Transformed Design is one of the best consulting companies that I have ever worked with and will recommend to anyone and everyone. A sincere Thank You to the team at Transformed Design.

Within this website will be where I will be posting my blog entries. I will take some of my favorite blog posts from this site and import them to the new site.

Thanks to all of you how have been daily, weekly, or even monthly readers. Keep on reading at www.IntoDesignInc.com

Until Then…:)


Thursday’s Thoughts

I was on one of my phone conversations with my mother the other day, and she had mentioned that she had gone onto my blog page and read a few of my blogs posts. She had this great idea to blog about and make it a part of my ‘regulars’. She knows how much I love architectural history and how much I am always talking about furniture and architectural elements from certain eras. So, the idea… each week talk about one new design era and discuss the trends and share pictures for all my readers. What a GREAT idea! Why hadn’t I thought of that? Thanks mom!

I would love to talk about Egyptian architecture, Victorian, the Modernism movement, Art Nouveau, and all the in betweens! I find something fascinating in each and every Design Era.

Now, my dilemma: What should I call this new blog post? I will ponder on the idea. I would like all of you to do the same! What should I title the blog posting for architectural history? Please write in my comment section on what you think.

Thanks, as always.

Color of the Week

French Grey. 

There is not just one ‘French Grey’, in fact there are many levels to this fantastic color (a color that I have chosen for my master bedroom). The variations of this color comes in the form of percentages (%). For example French Grey 90%, which happens to be a very dark version of the color, or French Grey 20%, a light version.

French Grey is different from Cool Grey. French Grey has a warmer undertone than that of Cool Grey. Just think of yellow versus a blue. Yellow is a warmer color than blue, so the same goes for French Grey and Cool Grey.

French Grey vs. Cool Grey

Here are some other inspiration images for you…

Color of the Week


Creme is the colour of the cream produced by cattle grazing on natural pasture with plants rich in yellow carotenoid pigments, some of which are incorporated into the cream, to give a slight yellow tone to the white. Used as a skin tone in some forms of art, mostly Anime.

Not Such a Mundane Monday

Inspiration for this Monday!

Here’s to the ordinary

There is more to the Muse than finding inspiration and the right words to express it. It is beyond splashing colour across an artist’s canvas or aiming the camera at exactly the right angle.

Innate objects, inventions, tools and activities were inspired by some creative pursuit. Many ideas are overlooked or taken for granted by our taste for recognition and glory.

The Muse’s influence is everywhere and we are never separate from it. We just think we are.

For this poem, I collected all the words I could that rhyme with Muse. Then, I fiddled and juggled and let them find their rhythm to tell the story. When I started, they were just ordinary words. Together, they tell a story.

The story is one of two friends getting together to relax and share their Monday evening and the start of a new week.

It is reminiscent of those times I’ve spent with friends, when even the silence speaks. When the ordinary is much more than ordinary.

This poem is about being supported by the creative possibilities around you. It is about appreciating the ordinary.

Mundane Monday Muse

This special space friends can’t refuse,
munching moments and cashews,
sharing time, breaking through,
a good boyfriend, a bad hairdo.

Gentle chatter, words diffuse,
now staring at the other’s shoe,
profile steady, thoughts enthused,
by a sentimental interlude.

Drawing waves like a swift canoe,
past writer’s words and painter’s hues,
and finely crafted tall statues,
and faded butterfly tattoos.

To a coffee table with crossword clues,
a trusted silver wing corkscrew,
a glass of wine, a pot of stew,
flavored by some rhythm and blue.

Mundane seeks not to bemuse,
but to imagine poets and lofty views,
where the innate artist’s breath ensues,
to unveil the mundane Monday Muse.

Found: Shades of Crimson

Color of the Week

“You don’t know Jacques!”

Ok, this is not an actual color that you would find in your crayon box or even in the pantone color groups….but you will find it amongst the O.P.I nail lacquer colors. That is right…I am blogging about a nail color. I have been abscessed with the color in the past few weeks. I have noticed that colors similar to this have been very popular. These consists of blue grey and pink grey tones. Very “dark-fall” color.

Check out these colors for  yourself. Look great on any skin tone too!

Not Such a Mundane Monday

Good Morning! What a beautiful morning it is here in San Diego…going to be 95 degrees at our local beaches and 107 inland! WOW~ our summer came so late this year. Glad to see you.

Well, on my morning web search for the usual…I found the top 10 kitchen trends that have hit our homes. Here they are:

1- New family rooms

2- White Cabinetry

3-Stainless steel appliances

4-Work zones

5- Walk-in pantries (wish I had enough room to create a walk-in pantry)

6- Save and splurge strategies (save here but splurge there)

7- technology

8- Eco-Friendly products

9- Integrated appliances

10- Layered lighting

Color of the Week


Maroon is a dark red color, but I am sure that all of you know this information.

3 Interesting facts about the color Maroon:

1. Maroon is derived from French marron (“chestnut“).

2. The first recorded use of Maroon as a color name in English was in 1789.

3. At right is displayed the color bright maroon, i.e., the color that was designated as maroon in Crayola crayons beginning in 1949. It is a medium shade of maroon halfway between red and rose.

Friday’s Found Fun


I have been noticing a TON of leather lately. I have always loved the look and feel of leather and now it is in style.

Yesterday, I bought a pair of leather leggings and am on the prowl for a jacket and mini skirt. They are versatile. Leather can be used for a soft look or that ‘hard ass’ look you are looking for.

Despite what many people think, leather is actually very breathable. It is a natural fiber found in nature and is therefore breathable. However, leather is not exactly a vegan lifestyle that has also become quite popular in today’s society. The positive thing is that many manufacturers have had access to enhanced technology and can make synthetic leathers that have the same look and feel of real leather.

Here are some great images for your inspiration home or fashion:

Color of the Week


It is a very bright color reminiscent of a spark, named after the colour of an argon sign. It is very similar to cyan.