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Not Such a Mundane Monday

This weekend was a Spring cleaning…but in the Winter. I had cleaned out my closet and my boyfriends closet as well. We organized our books and dvd’s. Organized our office and even went into the garage. The only thing that I was not able to get to was vacuuming.

As I was organizing and cleaning out some old clothes, I was thinking about some great organizational tactics and solutions for all the clutter. Here is a list!

-Versatile Ottomans- ottoman/file box.

-Coffee Tables that can open for blanket storage.

-Multi-Layered console table. Stack you favorite books and even hide the unsightly objects into cute woven baskets.

-Don’t just use your sideboard to store dishes and stem ware.. store a few picture boxes and family home movies.

-Use curtains to hide clutter. Create a curtain skirt along the bottom of your pedestal sink or even around a desk or side table.

-Keep a charging station in a drawer of your console table as you walk in the front door or which ever door you use the most.

-Nesting tables, they are great to store small items on each layer.

-Side table pockets can be used to store those remotes that always go missing in the sofa cushions.



Not Such a Mundane Monday

This morning, I guess I had an urge to dust my living room and noticed a HUGE pile of magazines that I had been stacking up. I am going through them and ripping anything out that I like, want to buy, want to make/bake/cook, or just love the inspiration. However, now that I am ripping these out, I have been stacking the ripped pages into yet another pile. Someday, i will get a binder and put all of these into categories and make my life easier to look through these piles.


Happy Earth Day to all.

I just wanted to share some of my favorite websites for green living, shopping, etc. This is our future. Get use to it now!

GreenLiving.com VivaTerra.com Whole Living Garden.org

GreenLivingTips.com Whole Foods Body and Soul Pristine Planet

Home Cleaning

Many of you may already know that I am a CLEAN freak, and the rest of you now know. There is a place for everything and everything is in its place, that is my home motto. However, sometimes this can be very hard to control, especially when living with someone a little less anal retentive.

I have found some great resources for those other type ‘A’ personalities out there. And, these resources are totally eco friendly too. How great is that. Check out some of these sites for help with cleaning, organizing, products and more.


Simple Human

Gracious Home


Herb Trader

Also check out Apartment Therapy for more help with your home cleaning and a list of the top cleaning supplies for 2009