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Not Such a Mundane Monday

All my gifts are bought, wrapped and ready to go. The gifts for my boyfriend andI are under our tree. Our stockings are filled and hanging just right. My tree is still holding its own. My brother and sister-in-law are in town. My other brother will be here Wednesday. I have made this week a short work week (Monday-Wednesday). My laundry is done. I have planned our dinners for the week. I am all set! What a way to end the weekend and start the week!


Not Such a Mundane Monday

Get moving people…only 12 more days til Christmas!

Over the weekend, I have managed to buy every Christmas present I needed this year. I created a price range for each individual…and I stuck to it!

I ordered all but two on the internet, and with shipping and handling included…I still stayed within the price range. Now, once they arrive (within 5-7 business days) I will wrap each one ever so gently and with love. I will use the same wrapping paper for all so they know who it came from.

Oh, I do have to mention that Thursday, is Tacky Christmas Sweater day… my theme…candy cane! I will post a picture this week for all to see!

Happy Shopping.


Found Fun

Great Holiday Decorating Inspirations….

Sign Loud and Clear for all To hear!


Merry Mantel!

Thursday’s Thoughts

Today is no usual Thursday. I have a Christmas party to attend.

So this means that I have been stressed for since yesterday. Lots to do!

Yesterday I made a side dish to bring (Creamy Spud’s- my mothers recipe) and had to clean my house. I usually clean my house every Thursday, but no time. Today, I need to make sure that I get a good workout in my boxing class today before I eat everything at this party. I also had to get a toy for the Toys for Tots drive. Today, I need to find a hostess gift as well. You should always bring a hostess gift to e new persons house in which you have never been before. Which brings my to my Thought:

Hostess gifts. Here are some top ten ideas….

1. Guest Book: Many hostesses enjoy keeping track of their guests by having them sign a guest book. It’s fun to look back, read the comments from past guests and remember the good times had while entertaining. Target or Hallmark carry a nice selection of classic and contemporary styled Guest Books for around $20.
2. Picture Frame: Almost every hostess would enjoy a beautiful picture frame. If you know your hostess well, choose a frame that will compliment her décor. A beautiful beveled silver 5×7 frame from Target is only $14.99. If your hostess is a bit more whimsical, try a desktop memo and picture holder. For $9.99 the “Posey” desktop frame/memo holder can hold either pictures, notes, recipes or all 3 at the same time.

3. Candle Set: Illuminations online and brick and mortar stores carry a nice selection of high quality candles and gift sets. If you live near a store, I highly recommend stopping in to pick up the vanilla candle and potpourri set for $19.99. This delightful little gift set comes with a sculpted wood dish, with 3 square, vanilla scented candles and some vanilla potpourri. Your hostess will enjoy this gift every time she uses it!

4. Chocolates: You really can’t go wrong with chocolate and one of my favorite places to get fine chocolate is Sees Candy. Their 8 oz. Gold Truffle gift box is $8.05 and comes with 24 mouth watering truffles. Your hostess will enjoy Dark Chocolate Chip, Café Au Lait, Lemon, Light and Dark Chocolate, Key Lime, Café Hazelnut and Raspberry.

5. Coordinating Dishtowels: Dishtowels may not be the most heart felt gift you can give, but when they come from Williams Sonoma, they can be. Your hostess will appreciate your good taste and sense of quality. A set of 4, thick, waffle weave dishtowels costs $16. These are Williams Sonoma signature cotton towels and have a classic look.

6. Homemade Gift: A homemade gift will truly be something your hostess will appreciate. Whether you make a cookie or soup mix in a jar, throw together a recipe of spiced nuts, or create your own bath products like bath salts and bath bombs, presentation will really add to your gift’s charm. Put your bath products in a stainless steel wire caddy or a handcrafted basket. A cellophane bag tied with a big silk ribbon will dress up your spiced nuts. A wide ribbon and swatch of fabric covering the lid with hand made gift card will be the perfect presentation for a cookie mix in a jar.

7. Small House Plant: Fresh flowers may seem like the perfect gift for a hostess, but actually, they are not. Your hostess gift should treat the hostess, not create a crisis for her to deal with. If she is rushing around to take care of last minute details for her party, having to stop and find a vase and put the flowers in water may cause her undue stress. Instead, pick up a lovely house plant at your florist or even the florist department at your grocery store.

8. Kitchen Soap Gift Set: Williams Sonoma makes luxurious essential oil liquid hand soap and lotion sets in a contemporary looking stainless steel wire caddy for $29.99. These sets look great next to a kitchen sink and will be a very useful, but generous gift.

9. Cookbook: If you know a little bit about your hostess, try selecting a cookbook geared towards her interests. If she enjoys Italian cooking, look for an authentic Italian cookbook. If she likes to bake, there are lots of great cook books to choose from. A cookbook that was specifically chosen to reflect her interests is a very thoughtful way to show your appreciation to your hostess.

10. Hot Cocoa Gift Set: Nothing is quite as comforting as a hot cup of cocoa on a cold winter night. Red Envelope has a decadent hot cocoa gift set by New York City chocolatier MarieBelle. For $26 you get 6 packets of Venezuelan cocoa in a lunchbox style tin. This sinfully delicious cocoa comes to life with hot water, but when refrigerated, becomes a dark, silky smooth Crème de Chocolat and can be eaten by the spoonful!

Your hostess will appreciate your thoughtful gesture when you come to her home bearing gifts.

Since it is the Holiday season and being a Christmas Party and all I am bring a poinsettia plant, which falls under the house plant category.

Found Fun

These are some of the cutest little ornaments that I have seen in a while. It is not everyday that you can find original ornaments in a modern fashion. Check them out at Jonathan Adler.


Dear Santa,

Here is the link!