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Killing time as I wait for my coffee…

Every morning (at least the past two weeks), I have been waking up extra early just so that I may get more exercise in before I really have to start my morning. I tried exercising in the afternoons with boxing (which I am still doing, just not as often), but I have not been feeling the same as I used to be feelings. I miss that high that you get with the morning sprint, bike, or some other form of cardio.

I have a spin bike in my home office and found this website (although obvious) that has tools to help you get the best workout possible.


Here you can find workout videos to help motivate you and give you the exercises to do and the challenges you need to burn those calories. You can become an instructor, purchase a bike, uniforms, and other gear and fitness tools. The best part of all, is that any age…20 something to 70 something can do it. I take a class once a week at the Lava Sports Fitness Club, and you would be surprised pn the age of the average person. Not what you would think!

Go for it!…


Fab Fitness

Ok, so I took a huge gamble, but before I tell you the gamble…let me give you a little background information:

I am kind of a fitness junkie (never was before until about 2 years ago). I exercise 6 days a week for about one hour a day (sometimes a little more- if I have the energy ;). I have been getting very bored with my cardiovascular routine and was not as motivated to get my hour in everyday. So… what do you do? MIX IT UP!

My boyfriend had mentioned boxing and wanted to join a club too. I did not investigation and:


Take a look!

Here is a link.


I have been so obsessed with boxing and kickboxing. The club has additional group classes  such as Spin, Pilates, mat Pilates, yoga,  and personal training, etc. I have gone every morning for a boxing/kickboxing class at 6am since I joined. I add a spin class twice a week to keep my stamina as high as it can be. Great way to have fun and get fit. I have never sweated so much in my life! I feel so good for the rest of the day and sleep so good. Call up a local club in your area and take a trial run, they are usually free to try the club out for a day or even a week- just ask!