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Color of the Week

Mocha Brown.

Once again going back to the wedding coordination that I am currently surrounded by, mocha brown has been the inspiration. The bride has chosen her color theme for the wedding to be mocha brown and turquoise. These colors look fabulous together. Anytime that I look up information for this color, all I get are facts about the high calorie coffee beverage. So….here are some pictures to inspire you this week.


Friday’s Found Fun

If I didn’t have a dog who likes to climb things (I swear he thinks he is a cat sometimes) and has nail that grow like weeds, and fur that seems to get into everything….I would have these stones somewhere in my house. If I did not have a space for them, I would make one. These can be found on Etsy (as well as other felted wool accessories), VivaTerra, and can even be found in some local decor and furniture stores.

Not Such a Mundane Monday

Hawaiian style can be very over done. I have a client located in Northern California who has recently purchased a home. This client is originally from San Diego and loves the San Diego laid back lifestyle. They both loved the beach and the style it lends itself to.

here is an example of a home that lends itself to the style of ‘hawaiian’ but is overdone nor is it suggesting something else. The colors are great and fun and I love the area rug. Great inspiration.

Friday’s Found Fun

If you know me, you will know how I am with Target. For those who have no idea…let me explain: Target and I are a very dangerous match. I go to Target to get one or two items, and I end up walking out with the entire cart full! I don’t mean full as in you can no longer see the bottom, but full as in pouring out the sides as I am struggling to maneuver my way around the parking lot speed bumps and getting to my car. Since I am like this, lately I have been trying to be very smart about spending any money and therefore avoiding Target like the plague. Yesterday, I HAD to go. I needed some stuff and they have the best prices. So, I went. As I was leaving the house, my boyfriend reminded me to put on my “blinders” as I walk through the store and “STICK TO THE LIST”. I did. I was very proud of myself. I did take a look around though. I have not been to there for awhile and saw some great stuff in the clearance isle. This is the topic of my found fun. The ‘Liberty of London’ for Target collection. I must have missed all the cute stuff when it had just come out. Man…. To bad there is really nothing left of this collection…so cute. Then again, good thing for my wallet that it is all gone! Ha.

Friday’s Found Fun

That’s right…It is Friday, and that means….Friday’s Found Fun.

Well, there is a small design district in San Diego, well, actually there are a few, but very very small ‘design districts’. In fact, I would not really call them design districts, more like an embankment of 5 stores in a row that sell home furnishings, decor, fabric, etc. Anyways, my point… I went to a store called Solo in the Cedros Ave. design district. They are having there annual sale this weekend. I go every year. I love this store. They have a lot of handmade stuff, paper products, some furniture, and a ton of vintage items. I would describe the items that you will find here as ‘Etsy’-like. Take a look, just a few pictures I took from my iPhone while I was shopping.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Color of the Week


That is right. One of my all time favorite colors. I mean…just look at my companies logo. HELLO. I find that this color can go with almost anything. Just changing the hue slightly can give a whole new feeling.  Hollywood even did  a ‘tween’ movie called AquaMarie (The reason why I know this is because I just googled the word, I swear), which has this specific color in the mermaids tail. I love using this color with oranges, yellow, and RED. Summer and Fall are my favorite seasons and this color represents summer so well. I can picture the Caribbean sea and the warm sand between my toes, ah. So relaxing, and fun.

Definition: Aquamarine is a color that is a pale bright tint of spring green toned toward cyan. It is named after the mineral aquamarine, a gemstone mainly found in granite rocks.

History: The first recorded use of aquamarine as a color name inEnglish was in 1598.

Other facts: The color medium aquamarine is often used for tiling in the swimming pool locker rooms, or around swimming pools themselves. The color medium aquamarine is often used for smocks worn by hospital nurses because it is perceived as being calm and restful for the patient.

Not such a mundane Monday.

Elements found in nature. An eco-friendly space does not have to be 100% hemp. This is a prefect example of what you can do. Many of these items can be found at your local West Elm, or online. An additional note: To make an eco room, one does not need to use the color green.

Less is more for this space, and still inspires me to lay back, read a book, and take a nap. An urban space without the hard sparse metals throughout.

What I love about this room- I find the coffee table to be very convenient. I am one to sit on the floor a lot, on the same level as my dog. This makes it easy to sit on the floor or the sofa with this two level table. The second level can be moved around to accommodate the items you need to use/display. The use of two different woods makes this an eye catching piece. I also love the simplicity of the art. The art shelves are great ideas for art collectors of someone who loves to change things often. Height variations is important with something like this, and even some layering of pieces.

Color of the Week

POPPY RED.  I have been noticing a lot more color this spring. Florals are amongst the most popular fashion this year. However, pastels are in style. I am not a huge fan of pastels, I feel as though they are too “little girl”. I am not afraid to use these pastels, but I am very cautious in their application. But, this post is not about a pastel color. This is a more vibrate and this color has a louder personality.

Yesterday, I had lunch with a fellow Interior Designer, with whom I worked with in a multi-family Interior Design firm. We were talking about Interior Design and about our companies. I mentioned to her that I was interested with her logo and color choices. Her logo was very much her style. The logo only had two colors, but two great colors. A color very similar to poppy red was the primary, and the secondary was a mudded grey tone.

Poppy red is not just a red, it has a ton of orange undertones. Orange is a color that will almost always stand out from the rest. When used correctly, this can make quite the statement about you and your home/space.  I love this color with a turquoise. This reminds me of the natural coral that I have seen in Italy on location at the Isle of Capri. This color coral was all over the cliffs of the island. Simply beautiful.

Poppy Red is found almost everywhere in nature. Obviously, it first brings to mind the flower Poppy. This color is found in land, air, and sea.

Carnivorous Coral                   Frigate Bird                              Bird of Paradise

Definition: pop*py

[pop-ee]  Show IPA–noun,plural-pies for 1, 2, 4–7.1.any plant of the genus Papaver, having showy, usually red flowers.Compare poppy family.2.any of several related or similar plants, as the California poppy or the prickly poppy.3.an extract, as opium, from such a plant.4.Also called poppy red. an orangish red resembling scarlet.5.Architecture. poppyhead.6.an artificial flower resembling a poppy, esp. one received as evidence of a contribution to a fund for disabled war veterans.—Idiom7.tall poppy, Australian. someone of preeminence or with a large income; important and powerful person. (Dictionary.Com)

History: “Poppy,” perhaps a reduplicated form of imitative base *pap- “to swell.” This color is also associated with battlefields and war in the 1800s. Originated in 1815.

Spring/Summer Colors 2010

Since it has been spring for a few weeks now… I have been thinking about my ‘Spring Cleaning’. With this topic, I have been looking around my home contemplating whether or not to re-design the space.

The colors of 2010 have been out since, well, last year. Many companies call this ‘Color Forecasting’. Pantone, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and even carpet companies come out with these ‘trends’ every year.

Pantone, being a huge staple for all designers, has the largest variety of color. However, Sherwin Williams has some fun colors this year. They have broken it down into four categories. Each category has it’s won title or ‘name’. I will save my favorite for last.

Here is a list of the Colors of 2010:

—Refreshed. These colors are bright and colorful. One must be brave to use all of these in one space, and creative. These are more for a child’s room or outdoor space. Very vibrant and fun and had a little touch of the 80s.

(Fun Yellow SW 6908, Summer Day SW 6662, Animated Coral SW 6878, Pickle SW 6725, Sapphire SW 6963, and Verve Violet SW6979.)

—Treasured. This collection of color is for the eclectic soul. I can picture this grouping in an eco-conscious home, or even a winter cottage.

(Interactive Cream SW 6113, Gallery Green SW 0015, Caribbean Coral SW 2854, Sequin SW 6394, Smoky Blue SW 7604, and Sturdy Brown SW 6097.)

—Simplified. Aww. Very soothing and even sophisticated. This palette might be found in a master suite. These colors are subdued but has the splash of fun needed to wake you up.

(Whitetail SW7103, Butter Up SW 6681, Magnetic Gray SW 7058, Moderate White SW 6140, Enigma SW 6018, and Serious Gray SW 6256.)

Finally, my favorite collection this year.

—Rooted. This is a dark collection of jeweled tones. These are eclectic and fun. Ethnic colors can be used in any space when applied correctly and sparingly. So fun.

(Nomadic Desert SW 6107, Rookwood Amber SW 2817, Oceanside SW 6496, Foothills SW 7514, Red Tomato SW 6607, Darkroom SW 7083.)

Check out Sherwin Williams website for store locations: www.sherwin-williams.com

Pantone colors are fun too, but definitely a spring friendly palette. The baby pinks and blues are something for Easter.

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