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Not Such a Mundane Monday

I have been slowly re-designing my own home. This can be one of the hardest things for me to do. It was hard for me to pick a style of design the most because I love many design styles and trends. So, what I did was take one of my favorite photos (One that I happen to take) and use that as my inspiration. Here are some photos to help you visualize my newly updated space.

Pacific Sunset


I took this photo and used the colors and the theme of the ocean. I had incorporated many different hues of blue, my current furniture color of ebony stain, and taupes for the back drop colors. Subtle in the ocean theme but apparent in color, this space keeps me my energetic self.

Not Such a Mundane Monday

This weekend was a Spring cleaning…but in the Winter. I had cleaned out my closet and my boyfriends closet as well. We organized our books and dvd’s. Organized our office and even went into the garage. The only thing that I was not able to get to was vacuuming.

As I was organizing and cleaning out some old clothes, I was thinking about some great organizational tactics and solutions for all the clutter. Here is a list!

-Versatile Ottomans- ottoman/file box.

-Coffee Tables that can open for blanket storage.

-Multi-Layered console table. Stack you favorite books and even hide the unsightly objects into cute woven baskets.

-Don’t just use your sideboard to store dishes and stem ware.. store a few picture boxes and family home movies.

-Use curtains to hide clutter. Create a curtain skirt along the bottom of your pedestal sink or even around a desk or side table.

-Keep a charging station in a drawer of your console table as you walk in the front door or which ever door you use the most.

-Nesting tables, they are great to store small items on each layer.

-Side table pockets can be used to store those remotes that always go missing in the sofa cushions.


Not Such a Mundane Monday

All my gifts are bought, wrapped and ready to go. The gifts for my boyfriend andI are under our tree. Our stockings are filled and hanging just right. My tree is still holding its own. My brother and sister-in-law are in town. My other brother will be here Wednesday. I have made this week a short work week (Monday-Wednesday). My laundry is done. I have planned our dinners for the week. I am all set! What a way to end the weekend and start the week!

Not Such a Mundane Monday

Get moving people…only 12 more days til Christmas!

Over the weekend, I have managed to buy every Christmas present I needed this year. I created a price range for each individual…and I stuck to it!

I ordered all but two on the internet, and with shipping and handling included…I still stayed within the price range. Now, once they arrive (within 5-7 business days) I will wrap each one ever so gently and with love. I will use the same wrapping paper for all so they know who it came from.

Oh, I do have to mention that Thursday, is Tacky Christmas Sweater day… my theme…candy cane! I will post a picture this week for all to see!

Happy Shopping.


Not Such a Mundane Monday

Here I am…it is 5:50 am in San Diego and I am looking up some recipes online for home-made pizza. My brother is coming in town this week for the holiday and I have invited him to my house Wednesday night for dinner. He has never been to my house and I would like to just hang out with him. There is another reason for my invitation…I want him to get to know my boyfriend a little more. My brother will be moving back to San Diego this summer and I know that we will be hanging out more and more and I need for him and my boyfriend to be great friends too. We shall see, their personalities might clash just a bit. This is going to be one busy busy busy week, as are all the holidays. Never a time for rest and relaxation. Anyways…the recipe for homemade pizza that I go by…..


Here is a great one…..

Not Such a Mundane Monday

So, just one more month until I take the LEED Green Associates test! December 11 @ 1:30pm. Time to read, study and practice my testing times. Flashcards. Books. Case Studies. Resources. USGBC Site.

I remember every year when I was growing up that I looked forward to another year to start at school. I waited for that day when my mom and I could go to Staples and good through the list of required and recommended school supplies. Oh how I loved the smell of fresh paper and the plastic binders. Those peach-e folders in every color, the pens, and the dividers.I loved coming home and filling my new backpack with the unopened supplies for the new year.  I always told myself that the first page of my notes had to be the best handwriting I would ever write, and as usual, it would be. Then as the pages turned so did my handwriting.

I still go through the same heightened joy when I walk through those doors at Staples. The technology may have changed a little bit and the binders might have gotten more expensive over the years, but one thing that has not changed is the atrocious handwriting that would begin to form page after page after page. Love it. 

Study Study Study….

Not Such a Mundane Monday

Well, I thought that I might post a blog about ‘FunDay MonDay’, but I will not be having too much fun today~bummer, right? However, my day will not be filled of starring at a wall…errands are on my list today, and lots of them. In fact, I barely had time to blog this morning.

Make a list of the things that you have to and get to it! Seeing the goals written down in front of you and watching them slowly (or quickly) get checked off will make you feel accomplished. I have a notebook that in which I write down my list for the week and additionally a list for that specific day. Helps me get through my week and my days. Try it.

Not Such a Mundane Monday

Inspiration for this Monday!

Here’s to the ordinary

There is more to the Muse than finding inspiration and the right words to express it. It is beyond splashing colour across an artist’s canvas or aiming the camera at exactly the right angle.

Innate objects, inventions, tools and activities were inspired by some creative pursuit. Many ideas are overlooked or taken for granted by our taste for recognition and glory.

The Muse’s influence is everywhere and we are never separate from it. We just think we are.

For this poem, I collected all the words I could that rhyme with Muse. Then, I fiddled and juggled and let them find their rhythm to tell the story. When I started, they were just ordinary words. Together, they tell a story.

The story is one of two friends getting together to relax and share their Monday evening and the start of a new week.

It is reminiscent of those times I’ve spent with friends, when even the silence speaks. When the ordinary is much more than ordinary.

This poem is about being supported by the creative possibilities around you. It is about appreciating the ordinary.

Mundane Monday Muse

This special space friends can’t refuse,
munching moments and cashews,
sharing time, breaking through,
a good boyfriend, a bad hairdo.

Gentle chatter, words diffuse,
now staring at the other’s shoe,
profile steady, thoughts enthused,
by a sentimental interlude.

Drawing waves like a swift canoe,
past writer’s words and painter’s hues,
and finely crafted tall statues,
and faded butterfly tattoos.

To a coffee table with crossword clues,
a trusted silver wing corkscrew,
a glass of wine, a pot of stew,
flavored by some rhythm and blue.

Mundane seeks not to bemuse,
but to imagine poets and lofty views,
where the innate artist’s breath ensues,
to unveil the mundane Monday Muse.

Found: Shades of Crimson