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Found Fun

I am not a huge gold person but I found these great accessories for someone who might have just the space for these creative gold objects.

Golden Tea Pot

Golden Hand Chair

Golden Stool

Golden Branch Side Table

Golden Tea Tray

Found Fun

Here is an inspiration poster with some words of wisdom! I love this poster because sometimes I find myself starring into space relaxing after a long day.

Wasted Time=Not Wasted

I found this fabulous poster on Etsy. Click here to view more information from the seller.

Found Fun

While on my usual online ‘window’ shopping I found this cute and what appears to be a very comfortable and yet very fashionable wear on Nordstrom‘s online store.

I just wonder if a 5’3″ female, with longer legs than torso (such as myself) would be able to pull these pants off. The shoes…cute. The tank… I’ve got, and the sweater… HELLOO! Comfort!

I am all in!

Found Fun

Time to wrap all my gifts. Luckily I have found some great paper to use.

I try to make all my gift wrapping as individual as the gifts are. Here are some great inspirations for your gift wrapping…..

Container Store has all your needs for wrapping your gifts this year,  from bows, ribbon, tape, bags, tissue paper, stuffing, and wrapping paper.


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Found Fun

Great Holiday Decorating Inspirations….

Sign Loud and Clear for all To hear!


Merry Mantel!

Found Fun

I was looking thorugh my computer and all the file folders in my documents when I found these. I have used these platters in walls before in a few past projects (while I worked for a large firm three years ago). They just looked absolutely beautiful.

If only my boyfriend would let me put these up in our bedroom!

They can be found in stores (if your lucky), but I have only ordered them through a designer distributor. Let me know if you are interested!


Found Fun

Ok, so I was a little bored this morning and not doing what I really should be doing, but I just could not help myself….I found some of the most fantastic ways to reuse old books…Here they are.

Found Fun

I am a book lover (never used to be until about 2 years ago). Here is a great website for the modern reader….Chronicle Books.

Such a great site for fun and serious books. There are many categories to choose from, cooking, journals, novels, flip books, children’s books, etc.

Here is a quick snapshot…